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Meet Mylo

This little nugget is Mylo. He joined our family on September 06, 2016. We adopted him from a shelter called Animal Rescue Project in Kalamazoo. When my boyfriend and I were first planning on getting a puppy, we had been looking around for breeders, I had my heart set on either a Shiba Inu or a Husky. We were on a hunt for about three months, we found out that there aren’t a lot of breeders that would breed Shiba Inu in the Midwest area. It could also be we weren’t looking in the right place. We ended up volunteering in a the dog walk event that was held by the Kalamazoo Humane Society. During the event, we saw a lot of Huskies, and then we started thinking to ourselves, maybe we should start looking into Husky, because we have a ton of cold weather here.

After a couple of months of searching, my boyfriend had an idea. According to him, if we are willing to pay a breeder that amount of money to get a puppy, why don’t we look into a rescue puppy instead. Rescue’s are always looking for new owners to adopt, we would be able to help reduce the amount of puppies in shelters.. That’s a win-win situation for the puppy and for us. We agreed on doing so, we decided to take a look at the Animal Rescue Project in the Kalamazoo area. When we went there the first time, we saw a few puppies, we thought we were ready to adopt him. We went home without him because we wanted to sleep on it before we act on that. Also at that time the condo that we bought wasn’t finalized yet. So we didn’t end up with the puppy that we saw the first time.

A couple of weeks had passed, we went back to the shelter to check on the new puppies that the shelter brought in. We looked in the metal crate, there were six husky mix puppies in the crate that were just brought in from a rescue in Kentucky. Four of them were already adopted, that left the two of them, a boy and a girl. Mylo and his sister were the last two puppies left. When we first went into the play room with the two of them, they were both shaking, and wouldn’t really respond to us. To him, we were a complete strangers, I don’t blame him for not coming to us. Just when I was about to give up, he started warming up to Victor. I guess that was the moment when we knew he will be ours. I can’t find words to describe that moment, we just knew he is the one that we would bring home that day.

He was tiny little puppy about 12 weeks old when we first got him. After we got him we moved into the condo, it was a process for him to adjust to the new environment. Potty training took him about a month, and completely house broken after two months. He is a very smart puppy, he picks up commands pretty quickly. We are very blessed on that, he does go to puppy class every Saturday, he is a lot more disciplined than before. Having him in the family has created a need for adjustment, not only for him but for us too. We do a lot of things together, especially on weekends we have gone on a lot more walks. We can’t spend a lot of time with him during the weekdays, he has to be in the condo by himself for the most part because we both have to work. As a results we try to spend as much time as we could with him when we do not have to work, because he is an important part of our family.

Hi, my name is Mylo, people from the rescue told my parents that I was born in the month of June, somewhere in Kentucky. In this picture I was about seven months old.
I am a happy boy when mom and dad get me new toys (did you notice I am actually smiling just for this picture). I love anything that squeaks, and soft. This Koala was my best friend for a night, I kind of killed it by accident, I can’t help that I’m an aggressive chewer. That little snake at the corner actually was my old friend for more than two months.
When it’s cold out I like to snuggle up with mom and dad on the couch while they watch Netflix.
I love to give mom the puppy eyes when I want something. She usually will give me what I want. Mom does the same thing too, when she pouts, she gets what she wants. I learned it from my mommy.
I finally went to a groomer after six months being with my parents. The groomer was super nice to me, they gave me s little scarf after they chopped off the tip of my tail.
Oh, did I mention that I am a big boy now? I wiped myself down after daddy gave me a shower. All he has to do was lay down a towel, I will finish the rest. =)
I love to sleep on my parents bed. Their bed is better than my tiny puppy bed.

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