A Man and His Dog

Kalamazoo Art Fair 2017

People in Kalamazoo are kicking off the summer with having an art fair in downtown Kalamazoo in Bronson Park. They invited artists and vendors from all across the country who showed off all different kinds of beautiful crafts and art. Victor and I decided to head to downtown Kalamazoo and have a look at what the hype was about.

Oddly enough we both enjoyed our time at the art fair very much. There were a lot of beautiful pieces from different vendors. It’s amazing how some people are very talented but you would never be able to tell just by looking at them. All the pieces in the art fair are handmade by different artists. You can find some fabulous photography, sculpture, painting, ceramics, glass, and wood furniture or containers in the art fair. Did I mention that spending a day at the art fair make a great art-filled family weekends.

This piece is probably one of my favorite sculpture out of all the pieces that I have seen. It reminds me of the moon in a cloudless night.
This piece reminds me of the sun in the summer time. Being at beach watching the sun set is the feeling that I have for this particular piece.
Every single ceramic pieces on display are made with care from the same artist. The details on each of them are just simply amazing.
When I first saw this painting I couldn’t believe it was just a painting. My first thought was, it’s a photo that someone took out in the farm. The painting was so real, I just didn’t believe someone could have painted this beautiful scenery to share it with others.

That is it for now, I could go on and on and show you guys all the photos I  have taken during the art fair. With just the few pieces of arts that I have mentioned above, this event is totally worth your time to check out. In the future, even though your local art fair like ours may not seem like a big deal, if you have any interest  at all in art or seeing what amazing pieces humans can produce for fun, they are definitely time well spent with family, friends or significant other.



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