Do It Yourself

DIY Glass Jar

I am not sure how many of you out there run into the same problem I do. I used to buy candles from Bath and Body Works, I would stock up on them when they have sales. I use a coffee warmer to warm up my candles so that I don’t go through them as quickly as lighting them, unfortunately, candles don’t last forever. So the better question is, what do you do when you have an empty glass jar like me? I think so far I have collected at least 6 of these empty containers, I asked myself how do I re-purpose these glass containers instead of throwing them in the trash?

After thinking long and hard, I decided to decorate them with twine. Twine is cheap and all you need is a hot glue gun and a roll of twine. I got mine from Michaels, I am pretty sure you could get all these from Hobby Lobby or whatever your favorite craft store is. I started off with some clean glass jars. I wiped down the outside with some lint free cloth, and I start applying hot glue on the outside of the glass jars. After that I just start wrapping the twine around the glass jar and keep going.

Throwing them away seems like a waste, I decided to clean out the glass container and put them through the dish washer to get rid of the left over oil and wax.
These are the things you need to make them a little more presentable. Make sure you get the high temp version so that the twines stayed better on the glass, it doesn’t need to be fancy, you just need something that would get the job done. All you have to do is apply hot glue on the clean glass container and lay the twine on top of the hot glue. Make sure you apply a little hot glue at a time, so that they do not solidify before you could get to it.
It took a while for me to wrap the first one but after a while you will get used to the wrapping and you will be faster at wrapping these babies. The one that I wrapped up with twines actually looked like I got it from some store.
Here I am showing there of them that I made, there are different designs you can do to these glass jar, you do not have to do what I did here. These are just what’s convenient for me.

For me, this is a really quick and easy project that I could do on a Sunday morning while I wait for my lovely boyfriend to get out of bed and have breakfast. I hope you enjoy making these easy DIY glass jars. I use them to hold my stationary and some small things that are laying around all over the condo.


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