A day in our life

Sunday Fun-day

What does your typical Sunday looks like? Do you spend time with friends and family? Are you just a couch potato Netflix and chill all day? Do you just head out and shop till you drop? Different people spent their Sundays differently, and I would love to know what’s yours.

In this family, we have done all the above. What’s so special about this Sunday? A good friend of mine has decided to move away from Michigan. She decided to head south to start a brand new journey by herself. I am very happy for her but at the same time I am sad as well. I am sad because she is moving to a state where I can no longer just drive an hour to meet her up for coffee. From the reasons above, we have been through a lot, and I value our friendship a lot. She is a very special friend that has a very special spot in my heart, she would do everything necessary for a friend that she values, on a flip side she is the one person I would do the same for too.

Long story short,this Sunday we have decided to do a little wine and paint, called Paint with a Twist. I have been here for nine years and I haven’t heard of a place where you can actually have wine while you paint. Of course when Rachel suggested we should check out Painting with a twist, I jumped on that and said yes, we totally should. Lo and behold, Painting with a Twist is actually pretty fantastic, Victor would have told you he never knew he could paint until today.

There is a first time for everything. We got there and realized ” Oh wow, this is a huge class with only one instructor, I am sure I wouldn’t be able to paint  the painting that she had in the front of the class.” Anyhow, all I have in mind was, I just wanted to spend some great time with Rachel. For that two hours, it made me realize there is no such thing as I can’t do anything if I have my heart set on something. I was also reminded how important these people are in my life. I came to the States for school nine years ago, all I had in mind was I just want to graduate and go back to where I came from, why would I need friends? I have plenty of them back in Malaysia, but somehow things changed without me knowing it.

I would 100% recommend you guys to check out a place like that if you just want to spend time quality time with friends and family relaxing and be productive at the same time.
Never in a million years I would think I can paint this. Sometimes we surprise ourselves, and this is mine.

I am not sure if it’s because of the holidays season, I do get a little emotional this time of the year. It’s not a bad thing when you have these moments when you come to realize how important friends and family are. Do something with those feelings and not have regrets later in life.

As for me, family and friends definitely come first. Victor was the one that told me, work will still be there without your presence, but once you missed the chance to spend time with the people that you love, you might never get them back again.

Until next time!


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