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Travel Diary – Penang

As some of you may know we have been traveling for the past three weeks. This is Victor’s first time in Malaysia. Traveling long distance was not pleasant but it was worth it because we get to see our family, and spend time with those we love. Some of you maybe curious about when was the last time I was back home visiting. It has been too long to be honest, as far as I could remember it was five years ago.

We landed on the 23rd of December but we didn’t get to do much for the first week, due to the fact that I have to run around getting my passport and visa stuff done. After all that crazy running around at the US consulate, we planned a trip to Penang. Penang is a state located on the northwest coast of Malaysia. It consists of two parts the Penang island where the capital George Town is and Seberang Perai which is part of the Peninsula. Penang is one of the smallest states in Malaysia but the population is not as small as you think, it is actually one of the state with the highest population densities.

This post took a while for me to get it onto the blog because we had to deal with jet lag and unpacking. Both of those are no fun at all, try getting up at 4 am and all you can do is stare at the ceiling, and head to work at 2.30 pm.  It took about a week for me to get used to the schedule again. Of course unpacking was always my worst nightmare, unpacking means laundry time. We had a couple loads of laundry by the time we got back to Kalamazoo.

Penang Hill

Took the funicular train all the way up Penang Hill. I don’t really remember when was the last time I was in one of these trains, but for sure this is Victor’s first time. The view from the top was spectacular.


When we got all the way to the top of the hill which is about 820 meters above sea level. This picture was taken at the viewing deck, you can over look the entire Penang Island.

Armenian Street

I have seen this street all over the internet, but this was actually the first time I saw this in person. It was amazing, the artist actually drew this based on two real siblings.
Painting from the same artist. It reminds me of when we re young and mom would always bring us to breakfast on Sunday morning. We probably try to do the same when we were kids.
Victor decided to check out what all the fuss was about. He did enjoy the trip, of course the first few days he had a cultural shock. Everything was just so different. It was interesting to see Malaysia through the eyes of an American.


We do plan to head back to Malaysia again end of the year, hopefully this time, things would be perhaps easier without having to deal with the paperwork. Was it all worth it? Absolutely. We will have more posts about Malaysia in the next couple weeks. Stay tune!

Until next time!


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